What is PAN ?
This is Permanent Account Number, popularly known as PAN is a unique 10 digit number allotted to each taxpayer for his identification. Section 139A of the I T Act deals with PAN.

Why PAN?
The govt. wants to track the expenditure, investments, payments and receipts so as to keep a track of potential tax evaders. The system is being put in place the moment you buy or sale or transacted or paid or got receipt of sums above a certain limit the Assessing Officer of the persons involved in such transaction will be notified automatically.

It is mandatory to quote PAN on return of income and at the time of making investments one such recent change that has captured everyone’s attention is the mandatory submission of PAN, if one is to invest in the mutual funds industry. A PAN card is also increasingly accepted for identification purposes during several transactions and at many places.”

How to obtain PAN
We guide you step by step in filling up the PAN application that too without any extra fees. We help you to obtain the following:

Permanent Account Number (PAN) if you do not have one.

PAN Card though you have a PAN.

To make changes / corrections in your PAN details.

Surrender duplicate PANs if you have been allotted multiple PANs.

Fill up PAN form

Download the Form 49A from link given below . This form duly filled in should be deposited with either NSDL or UTISL offices which are setup countrywide.

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